“Tři oříšky pro Popelku” (English title “Three Wishes for Cinderella” [1973]) — created jointly by the film industries of the former Czechoslovakia and former East Germany, easily one of the most successful of Czech films as far as export is concerned, a Christmas classic — features Švihov castle, south of Plzeň in Czech Republic

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Originally owned by the powerful noble house of Rýzmberk, the castle’s present appearance dates to a rebuilding that took place in the late 15th and early 16th centuries following the Hussite Wars.

That reconstruction was overseen by prominent architect of the time, Benedikt Rejt. Following the reconstruction, the castle was the most important and well fortified of its type in Bohemia. Consisting of inner and outer sections as well as two moats, it would have taken a very determined and well equiped adversary to stand a chance of successfully laying seige to it.

The castle changed hands in 1548. However, due to poor management, the House of Říčany who had purchased it were forced to sell it just fifty years later. The castle’s last noble owners, the venerable and prominent Czernin family, held the castle from 1598 until it was seized by the state following the Second World War.


What to do in England? Tips by locals!

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So you’ve decided to go to England! Brilliant! But now comes the next difficult decision… What are some of the things you want to see while you’re there? Lynn’s brother and sister-in-law have lived in England for the past year (go follow them on Instagram at @the_pomeranian_brothers if you want to see the cutest, little dogs 😉). Whenever anyone came over for a visit, which happened quite a lot, they went on a trip to discover all the best England has to offer. We were lucky enough to be on some of these trips as well! 😊 They compiled a list of some of their personal highlights just for About Something Around. Enjoy your read!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea How could you say no to this! 😀 (picture by @the_pomeranian_brothers)

Can you think of anything more English than this? Afternoon Tea is basically enjoying a light meal around four o’clock in…

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