I have so many wonderful memories and adventures from those places, but I know I have many more places to go

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I am so happy to be able to share my story here with you all, and as my blog grows so can my book. I want to inspire you all to explore the world, to go off an internet bucket list and do what you feel will give you the best rush and excitement. I am in no way classy when it comes to traveling, I believe that to see the view of the mountains you can’t drive up to a lookout, they are all made for climbing. But once you reach the top, it’s all worth it.


Peru – on the train across the High Plains

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Opher's World

This must rate as the best train journey in the world!. The train was all old polished wood and brass.

We’d just got started and this shaman, all dressed in a wollen costume unexpectedly burst out of the back and rampaged up and down the aisle

The shaman, donned a different costume and proceeded to perform shamanic rites at the back of the train. It seemed to consist of prayers to gods in the sky, beseeching and the burning of coca leaves. I’m not sure if it worked but we got there safely.

Then we were regaled to amazing Peruvian musicianship and dancing with the most glorious costumes.

You could look out of the window, or hang off the back of the train (Health and Safety was nonexistent) and see the most amazing scenery.

What an amazing journey!

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Coffee Museum Dubai – a hidden gem

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For those of you who know us, would also know that me and my husband worship coffee (and tea!). Coffee for us is not just a beverage. It is like that comfort zone where you want to curl up after a crappy day or perhaps like a tight hug by a loved one when you need it most, a feeling of familiarity that brings a smile on your face when you are homesick in a foreign land. Thus while we were settling down in a new land with occasional pangs of homesickness, the first thing on our weekend itinerary was visiting the Coffee Museum in Dubai.

Tucked away cosily in a quite lane of Al Fahidi, the heritage district of Dubai, Villa 44 is sure a coffee lovers pilgrimage. The Coffee Museum is part cafe, part shop, and part cultural experience.

Spread over two floors, this curated private museum includes…

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