Peru – on the train across the High Plains

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Opher's World

This must rate as the best train journey in the world!. The train was all old polished wood and brass.

We’d just got started and this shaman, all dressed in a wollen costume unexpectedly burst out of the back and rampaged up and down the aisle

The shaman, donned a different costume and proceeded to perform shamanic rites at the back of the train. It seemed to consist of prayers to gods in the sky, beseeching and the burning of coca leaves. I’m not sure if it worked but we got there safely.

Then we were regaled to amazing Peruvian musicianship and dancing with the most glorious costumes.

You could look out of the window, or hang off the back of the train (Health and Safety was nonexistent) and see the most amazing scenery.

What an amazing journey!

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Budapest- my new favourite city! Offering stunning architecture, cobbled streets, breath-taking views and quirky nightlife, this city really is a hidden European gem.

I have been wanting to visit the Hungarian capital for the past couple of years, and with its appeal rising year on year, I thought it would be the perfect choice for a weekend away to beat those January blues.

Just a quick two and a half hour flight, we arrived in Budapest and were met by the freezing temperatures, I mean I expected it to be cold but if you’re not a fan of cold weather, I suggest you maybe go later on in the year.

Our apartment was located in the centre close to all the attractions and restaurants we wanted to visit. Accommodation in Budapest is very mixed with expensive hotels, to low-budget hostels but you can easily get an affordable apartment for under…

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Japan transportation breakdown



Japan Rail Pass | worth it?

Whether this is your first time planning a trip to Japan or your 100th, the inevitable question is “will the Japan Rail (JR) Pass be worth it?” If you have never heard of it, read about the JR pass from the real website – there are plenty of third-party companies also trying to sell the JR Pass but the real websites lists authorized sellers. Here are the North America locations but more are listed on the site.

The short answer to the big question is, “it depends on where you’re visiting and for how long.” This post lays out the various options so that you may decide for yourself which deal will be perfect for your trip.

Comparing costs

My upcoming trip to Japan will be 12 days, 11 nights long and I will visit A total of three cities located in three…

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Paris Rip Off 2018

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I was fortunate enough to spend several days in Paris recently,  this was before all the disturbances began.  This was not my first trip there and I felt reasonably comfortable trying to navigate leaving the airport and buying tickets for the subway system.  A helpful gentleman working at the airport directed me to another type of ticket.  This was good for 1 week and valid on subway, buses and trains throughout Paris.  Would reasonably get me from the airport to our hotel and everywhere we wanted to tour.

So we happily purchased the tickets and proceeded to board the next train bound for the city center towards our hotel.  About halfway there the train stopped and they announced something in French which I could not understand.  Then required all of the passengers to disembark.  That train left with a number of announcements happening.  Another train sitting on the next track…

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Hiring Professional Chauffeur Services in Prague

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MOTTIFY s.r.o.

chauffeur prague

When you are in Prague, think about roaming without any stress? Then it would be a good idea to hang around in a hired car. It will be safer and also will add dignity to your personality. You do not need to keep worrying about knowing street addresses anymore when you have an experienced Chauffeur Prague driving you around.

Travellers usually want a safe and trustworthy way of commuting in a new place. Going to new destinations for the purpose of pleasure or business is worrisome affair for some people. People are preoccupied with the notion of cheating, deceit or to be facing difficulty in an unfamiliar place. In Prague, a visitor doesn’t have to worry about such things. He or she can simply hire a trustworthy chauffeur service Prague and get things going in a simpler fashion.

Depending on your personality, what kind of services would you prefer? It…

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